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06-Oct-2017 11:54

Perhaps in this sense our most important bipolar relationships are those we have with ourselves! Finally, please check out the related webpages on because there are tools and advice on using Treatment Contracts, Wellness Plans, and other means to ensure loving, safe, rewarding relationships for all.There is a shortage of quality resources about bipolar relationships. Bipolar Significant Others: “information and support to the spouses, families, friends and other loved ones of those who suffer from bipolar disorder (manic-depression).” 2. Obviously if both parties have bipolar disorder, the potential difficulties multiply exponentially.On the other hand, where both parties are properly diagnosed and treated, the outlook for a better than average relationship exists because both people will have more understanding of the disorder. Also, I am a bipolar spouse with a failed marriage and a (currently) extremely successful marriage.It is actually more common than you may think for two people in an intimate relationship to both have bipolar disorder.There is a phenomenon known as “assortative mating” which shows a strong pattern of people with bipolar marrying each other to a statistically disproportionate degree.

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Is this the right way to describe a personal connection where at least one person has bipolar disorder?

But in a sense there are several bipolar selves, and understanding this can be a powerful tool in better managing bipolar relationships: 1. On the other hand, it is also important to let go of the manic and/or depressed self once well.