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26-Sep-2017 23:28

Our latest escapade started as we were planning one of our special events.I was trying to make arrangements, but my daughters were exceptionally horny that morning.

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I loved the sexy satin dress she was wearing, it was black and hugged her every luscious curve.

I hope I get the chance to make it with Janna this time, she's so gorgeous." My wife's voice took on this dreamy tone. " I teased as Paul and Chris walked into the room, both wearing only boxers. " Paul said as he kissed me hello and squeezed my tits, his stepbrother doing almost the same thing to Debra. "Get your ass over here Paulie, I demand equal treatment." Our kitchen turned into a big mass of squirming, heated flesh and coffee got cold, but we didn't mind as we shared our favorite activity.

Finally, those years of living in tiny rentals and gazing longingly at home photos and magazines would pay off! : big box stores, tiny cabinet makers in boutique shops, weird warehouses in the ghetto, you name it.… continue reading »

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I'd rather swing.' He turned away, his face set, and started toward the door. I won't say anything about this afternoon.' When he had gone, Pat and Helen sat in silence. But the good old silent days you got somebody's plot and a smart secretary and gulped benzedrine 'structure' at her six or eight hours every week. After talkies came he always teamed up with some man who wrote dialogue. 'I've got a list of credits second to none,' he told Jack Berners. We can't put a man on salary unless he's got an idea.' 'How can you get ideas off salary? There it was again--that name, sinister and remorseless, spreading like a dark cloud over all his skies. And she divorced you in 1927 when I was a few months old. But I'd like to see her.' It was one of those bad days for showing people around.… continue reading »

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