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A lot of them were bodybuilders, some over 70, and they enjoyed parading around the pool in really teeny bikinis, showing off their big muscles.I checked out their workout facility and it was like a mini-Gold's gym, with several muscle grannies pumping some serious iron.She has 17" biceps, and tons of huge veins all over her arms.On dozens of occasions, she has arm wrestled guys half her age, and she has never lost! She loves having big muscles, and will flex any time someone asks.She did say she gets asked to flex and arm wrestle everywhere she goes.She is so much older than me, it would be tough to tell her how I feel about her.At the gym we are going to she is one of the strongest and most muscular.There are a few bigger men with big biceps but when it comes to thighs and calves none of the younger men have bigger muscles. She can outlift me in all ways but it's not strange at all since I have been going to the gym for a few years only.

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The mother had big vascular forearms and a fat biceps that bounced and danced as she ate her ice cream cone.Many researches show that that the female muscle pound for pound both is stronger and has more endurance than the male.If a man and woman of similar bodytypes work out the same way, you can't be sure that the man will be stronger.The day she armwrestled me, it was over in two seconds, and she smiled the whole time.

She did not show any signs of straining like I did...I just have to be careful not to ask too often, I'd hate for her to think I am obsessed with her arms (I am! About once a month I get her to flex one, or both arms, and she is very willing.

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