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29-Aug-2017 15:12

"I had actually spoken to Phil the night before, and I was pretty down and depressed about things," he said.

"I was starting to realize this wasn't going to happen." Leonard told The Post that the day he had heard Gobi had gone missing was "pretty close to one of the worst days" of his life but that being reunited with her was one of the best.

He said Gobi had not left his side Thursday and said he can't pinpoint why the dog had formed such an immediate and close bond with him.

"It must be something about my smell or something that she likes," he said.

Local television interviewed Leonard, and residents stopped him in the street to say they were looking, crying about the story, he said.

Still, after a couple of false alarms, Leonard was skeptical.

Mrs Culverwell, a mother-of-three, said: 'I must admit I almost gave up hope, it was friends and family keeping me going.