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In November 2009, Snow's common law wife and the subject of many of his songs, Tamei Edberg, was diagnosed with cancer; she died three weeks later on November 27, 2009 at the age of 41.

On June 24, 2010 Snow held a fundraiser called "Clos URE For Cancer" at Alley Catz Restaurant in Toronto during which they raised ,000.

Ultimately, Snow performed on the chart-topping Thai single "Fun, Fun, Fun" and appeared in the music video.

Joey Boy returned the favor by appearing on Snow's Thai single "Me and Joey".

In 1996, Eng created Dimsum Entertainment, producing Joey Boy's album Fun, Fun, Fun.While Snow frequently referred to Prince as his partner in promotional videos, he claimed to have used the term "only in the slang sense." Prince, moreover, "admitted that these discussions were not concrete; the parties never organized a formal business plan, nor was plaintiff in New York to advance defendant's career." Shan, Eng, and Salem testified that they were unaware of a partnership between Snow and Prince, and Shan denied that Prince co-produced 12 Inches of Snow and co-wrote the five songs in question.