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After some convincing, his stepfather did allow him to attend a school for African American children, but he still had to work in the salt mines before and after school to help provide for the family.Washington learned about a school for former slaves called Hampton Institute while working in the mines.In 1882, he married his childhood sweetheart, Fannie Smith. In the year prior to the start of Tuskegee's agriculture school, Booker had probably his defining moment when he delivered a speech at the Southern States International Cotton Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia.The speech, thereafter referred to as the "Atlanta Compromise," brought widespread attention to his beliefs of how African Americans could best fit into society at that time.Initially denied entrance, Booker impressed the staff of the institution with his janitorial skills and maintained that role to help pay for his education.It was at Hampton Institute where Washington established his ideals for industrial education.The proceeds from this book went a long way to providing economic security for Tuskegee Institute. Washington was the first African American man to be invited to dinner at the White House by President Theodore Roosevelt.During a trip to Europe, he also had tea with Queen Victoria.

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One of the most influential (and controversial) African Americans in history, Booker T. Washington (1856-1915) was one of the most influential (and controversial) African Americans in history.

The only funds for the school—00 for teachers' salaries secured from the legislature as a favor to blacks who had supported a local politician.