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Implications Cathar Believers Cathar Elect Afterlife, Heaven & Hell Other Beliefs Cathar Ceremonies Cathar Prayer The Cathar Hierarchy CATHAR WARS Albigensian Crusade Who led the Crusade ?Crusader Coats of Arms Defender Coats of arms Medieval Warfare CATHOLIC CHURCH Cistercians Dominicans Franciscans Cathars on Catholics Catholics on Cathars Catholic Propaganda "Kill Them All ...Yet the Bad God had no power over the soul - a divine spark of the Good God. Any hell that existed was here on this material earth.To confound the Bad God it was necessary to abstain from all earthly temptations and to strengthen the inner spirit by prayer.

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The realm of the Good God, heaven, was filled with light.(The revered Magi in the nativity story were Zoroastrians - Persian Dualists). Even the Cathar variety came in more than one flavour, but the principal one was this: The Good God was the god of all immaterial things (such as light and souls).

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