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Villains and put forth yet another impressive performance.

She made several key moves (including a memorable blindside of J. Thomas) that showed off her qualities not only as a cutthroat competitor but also as a keen forecaster of behavior and persistent force in the face of long odds.

:) It was fun while it lasted, but apparently Rob Morrow and Gina Gershon did not make a perfect match.

When the four tribes were dissolved into two, Parvati and Adam remained on Rarotonga while their other tribe mates were sent to Aitutaki. At the next Tribal Council, Stephannie Favor was eliminated because her heart was not in the game.

Parvati Shallow grew up the eldest of three siblings on a commune in Vero Beach, Florida.

She and her family moved to Atlanta when she was 11 years old.

She and some fellow boxers have parlayed her passion for the sport into the creation of a non-profit organization titled "Knockouts for Girls," a charity that provides scholarships and boxing lessons for underprivileged girls.

The organization recently held their first fundraising event that included boxing matches and a fashion show.

After her close ally Amanda Kimmel won the Final Immunity Challenge she took Parvati to the Final Tribal Council where Parvati would win in a close 5-3 vote.

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