Ukrainian scammers from dating site

20-Sep-2017 11:28

Probably you may take it as serious intentions and start of long term relationship but it’s just for fun for her.

Not to make all things complicated, she is truly young and all life is ahead, so she can wait with marriage and family, she can choose the man of her life and just have a look on easy lifestyle with language study as well.

So at the end of the trip she will inform you that she is not ready for that, you had wonderful time together but she doubts and needs time to reconsider what to do with that.

It is almost impossible to be in another country by yourself only if you are not employed, in case she has 3 months vacations – this may definitely warn you – what a student has so many days of vacations in the university?

Very often they used to be finished and scammer needs to ask you for a financial help: let it be plane ticket, medical treatment, no job, poor relatives, death of dearest mother, expensive education of children and etc. In case you noticed some signals described above please let Member’s Support Center know about it and head management will take all measurements to fix this issue and to punish criminals.It is also reported that he traveled to Europe to pursue research on an independent engineering project, which he had funded by selling his house, car and motorcycle.