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One guy who seems to have attracted (screenshot) a lot (screenshot) of attention (screenshot) and questions (screenshot) for his listing of kilos (screenshot 1 and screenshot 2) goes by the name of "nob".Some users on the forum even thinks the low enforcement scam (screenshot) is too big to be true (screenshot).Since the original work some of the hyperlinks are dead due to the original Silk Road forum shut down.However, the screenshots are still valid and should hopefully provide enough understanding of the context and accurate information Digital Alch will eventually "resign" the 16th July 2012 and thus let the forum administrator position vacant.The assassination plot seems partially solved according to this theory.However some questions remain unclear: Ross Ulbricht, who was arrested the 2/10/2013 and is allegedly Dread Pirate Roberts, seems to have made some obvious mistakes online regarding his real identity which helped law enforcement to identify him and arrest him.It is not clear at this point if someone else inherited the position or not.If seniority and knowledge of Silk Road was to be taken into account chronicpain would be a candidate of choice, as he is one of the oldest account and already administrator of the Wiki.

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Based on the information from the Maryland indictment, flush looks like a good pick for the "Employee" role in the assassination plot: It is not really clear how flush got into that position after only few days active on the forum.We don't know much about him except that he plays the big dog by introducing himself as "a drug smuggler who specialised in moving large quantity of drugs", minimum 10kg type of guy.

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