Lying about height online dating

19-Jul-2017 05:14

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Never met any tall girls that were a personality match but one. Not long afterward I married someone that was 5 foot 6. I am going to be dating again however, this go round I would prefer a tall woman but won't limit my search as so.There are lots of deal killers in a relationship, height should not be a major one.^^^ actually 5'8" is quite tall for a woman and if you are looking for a man you can gaze up into his eyes while you are slow dancing ( probably with heels on ) you would probably be looking for a man over 6'2" - I am surprised you do not have that in your profile to eliminate all the average to short guys. My former husband was almost 5' 6" I must admit, I do like a man taller than myself though!if that was in your 20's and you are now in your 50's you may find that you have shrunk an inch or two.I agree lying about your height is totally unnecessary and I would much rather see an accurate height and weight with a recent full body pic on a profile to give me an idea of body type than a subjective description. Eventually the truth will come out and just what is she/he gonna say once that happens?As for people fudging their height, weight or whatever on here, I have no idea why they think stepping out on the wrong footing is a possible way of commencing a relationship. ^ This is my guess as to why some guys lie about their height -- because we know that women like taller guys.When we (the guy) are fairly short, we know that we have a more limited pool of women who will like us than a guy who is taller.Height is fairly simple to measure accurately and is not open to interpretation.

As posted above it isn't about their actual height, old photo or weight, for me it is that they lied to me from the very start, how are you suppose to trust someone after that.

Simple truth is that none of them want to admit to being that Big FIVE-OH!!!! check out the number of women who's headline says..."looking for an honest man!!! It's like taking a drug that gives them only a temporary kick to feel good, to be something they always wanted to be, but once that fix wears off, the permanent consequences outweigh that temporary pleasure.

I'd pretty much assume that at least 1/2 of the people on this site weigh a few more pounds, make a few less dollars, and lead a slightly less exciting life than their profile suggests.

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I recently met a woman from here and the first thing she commented on was my height.

I was 5'11 in my 20's and am now 5'10'LOL, I'd love to lie about my height. I just wonder how long such a relationship would last that was initially based on a lie.

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