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18-Sep-2017 14:02

Medicare takes its deadlines seriously: Miss a key date, and you face penalty payments or higher premiums for as long as you are covered. If you’re turning 65, and already are getting Social Security benefits: You’ll be automatically enrolled in Medicare parts A and B; no action by you is needed. You should sign up for Part D drug coverage now, too, or face penalties later.If one person is having an affair, this is likely to break down trust and lead to difficulties in establishing honesty in a relationship.When establishing a new relationship, an ex getting your partner’s attention can create tension.If parents are interfering, or if a partner perceives them to be, this can be a problem.If one partner spends too much time talking with their mother, for example, this can create a breakdown of intimacy in the relationship.

With a few exceptions, such as a move out of state, you can only switch plans during this period. If you’re turning 65, aren’t getting Social Security benefits and don’t have employer-based insurance: You need to enroll in Medicare Part B during your initial enrollment period (IEP) to avoid penalties.

It can feel like they’re still married to the ex, or that the ex is more important. Many men want more sex than women and if couples have different levels of sexual libido this will lead to problems in the relationship.

There is a big difference between how people react to their own children and how they react to children they have become parent to.

Another problem can be when one person has a different view of what should be kept within the relationship If one person shares all the intimate details of the relationship with their friends or over Facebook, this can be an increasingly difficult thing to manage.

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“We saw quite a lot of adaptation in the older people, saying they no longer had penetrative sexual intercourse and were more content with kissing and cuddling and general intimacy. We saw what appeared to be adaptive behaviour in the older members of our sample.” While physical challenges may be a deterrent, there may also be mental obstacles to overcome for couples in this age bracket and Knowles says older people may feel more tired and less potent.

If one partner is the type of person who shares all their intimate thoughts, but their partner is not, this can cause problems.