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Ike Miyachi, a company vice president in charge of Rhino development, rode beside him in the passenger seat.

The Rhino was a hit, with more than 150,000 sold after its introduction 15 months later in fall, 2003.

He also offered the rankled investors a VR demo if they were interested, a moment one person present described as “surreal” — “like you’re in a divorce court and they’re like, we should get a big family picture.”Rothenberg’s investors, many of them shaken by the events in August, are weighing their next moves, as is he.

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By the time Rothenberg hosted Zuck at Sigma Nu, he was already a master networker at Stanford — he calls that time “the foundational experience of my life.” He introduced his frat brother Kevin Systrom to Zuckerberg years before Facebook acquired Systrom’s Instagram for Forty people crowded into the firm’s offices above a pizza shop in San Francisco’s So Ma district, passing the sign detailing a three-part plan to “Build Awesome Startups” and “Profit.”Rothenberg, 32, greeted them with the confidence that comes from accomplishing significant things at a young age.More than 440 wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits are pending, and Yamaha has settled others.