Tim wheeler and emmy the great dating

24-Jul-2017 01:53

Last Christmas, when I worked at the candy store, I took off for a few days in late December to visit my family in Tennessee.

The world is your snowball, see how it grows, That's how it goes, whenever it snows The world is your snowball just for a song, Get out and roll it along!“Hard Candy Christmas,” the great Dolly Parton solo version from motion-picture sound track, was in heavy rotation on the station and quickly became the secret, albeit comically literal, anthem of my disoriented underemployment.In the movie, which I’ve never seen, Dolly and her girls sing to mourn the shuttering of their whorehouse, but they could have been narrating my untethered thoughts of the previous three months: “Maybe I’ll sleep real late / Maybe I’ll lose some weight / Maybe I’ll clear my junk / Maybe I’ll just get drunk.” I don’t remember the last time I so deeply related to a song, though I’m sure, whatever it was, it wasn’t about prostitutes.(When it comes to seasonal odes to lovers and inclement weather, this one’s a nice alternative to both the played-out sweetness of “Winter Wonderland” and the creeping date-rapeyness of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”) The most recent take is by London-based singer-songwriter Emmy the Great and Tim Wheeler, frontman of the Irish band Ash, whose riff on the Spector production renders the song a cutesy duet and throws in a pointed electric guitar. It’s manic and bouncing and urgent, like a pack of kids scrambling at a back door to be let outside to the fresh white drifts.

Her delivery of the line “The world is your snowball just for a song / get out and roll it along” is, unlike Crosby’s limpid take, a real commandment, giddily empowering.The lyrics don’t mention the holidays specifically; it’s really just a song about snow. ” Crosby shrugs in the song’s first hit version, released in 1950.

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