Artificial intelligence sex chat

18-Jul-2017 14:26

That lump of goo knows about neutron stars, black holes, neutrinos, and a middling number of the flora and fauna here on planet Earth. That lump of goo has worked out mathematical truths, moral half-truths, and philosophical ambiguities.And from the mud beneath our feet, it extracted all the stuff used to make our great cities, our cars and jets and rockets, and the wires and wireless signals that are turning these disparate lumps of goo into one great hivemind of creativity, knowledge, and sometimes cruelty.Again: (1) A body that responds to stimuli; (2) a method of communication; and (3) an algorithm that attempts (with little success) to deduce the reasons and motivations for these communications.The critical ingredient here is that the algorithm in (3) must usually be wrong.Our brains have been likened to little more than Theory of Mind machines—almost all of our higher level processing power is shunted into this singular task.

This is a good thing, but not for the reasons that films such as The Terminator and The Matrix suggest.

Just as a child grows taller than both parents and reaches new peaks while those parents decline, our creations will take our places as the coolest damn things in the universe. Some will make sure your dishes are dry and spot-free, or that your laundry is properly fluffed and without wrinkle. But humans are something I like to call hyper-conscious.

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