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The company was founded by this new immigrant from Hungary after he arrived in Chicago, Illinois in 1939 and established the company in 1940.

George Lefton had previously worked in the clothing and sportwear industry, but he was a collector of fine porcelain and dreamed of entering that business.

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The Lefton mark can be found on a wide array of pottery, porcelain , and glass imported into the United States by the George Zoltan Lefton Company.

A perfect fit since Regal had been producing Jim Beam Bottles since 1955 -- an ashtray?

and continued until the company stopped manufacturing.​The company had a long 62-year run but closed down in 1992.

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The export of china and ceramics was a key contributor to the emergence of Japan from the destitution of the war years and the reinvigoration of their economy.

America offered the backdrop for even a new immigrant into the country to have a chance at commercal success.