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That and I have way too much free time on my hands. So to rewrite it first off Flashpoint should have lasted at least 2 episodes.

Feel free to review my stories but please be gentle, writing was never my strongest subject at school. While, at first, it seems like Barry's perfect world, by the end it should have descended into a lot worse than what actually happened on the show.

That I would certainly keep though with Barry actually being a much better friend at the very least in helping her struggle.

And dear God I would not have Iris reduced to a plot device.

A New Alien; A New Hope(Smallville/Star Wars x-over): A crazy little idea I had.

In New Hope, just when Leia is about to be captured by the Stormtroopers aboard the Tantive IV Clark is shot out of the Phantom Zone(during his escape in the episode Zod), knocking the troopers out cold giving Leia a chance to escape...assuming she can trust this complete stranger who just appeared from nowhere.

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A series of one-shots with different women from different fandoms.If only the threat of Savitar and Caitlin becoming Killer Frost would stop getting in the way. Worried about how much he is hanging around his parents Barry's dad decides his son needs a girlfriend and sets him up on a blind date with a certain children's doctor; Caitlin Snow..much to Barry's own surprise he finds himself falling fast for his friend in another timeline.A Snowbarry version of the 3 months Barry spent in Flashpoint.10 Years Late(Smallville AU): On the theme of below(Zod AU) about Clark escaping the Phantom Zone, what if, when Clark returns, 10 years have passed by leaving him in a world where everyone he knows has moved on without him and managed to stop Zod(clearly a necessity). There's a Justice League and Clark has no idea where he fits in anymore and he wishes Chloe would stop bugging him about joining this group of young heroes(either Titans or a sort of Young Justice).Her foreseen death meant there was next to none character development for her. A season 3 AU where after Iris learns about Flashpoint she is not so quick to forgive Barry.

As they drift apart Barry finds himself more focused on helping Caitlin after he learns she's changing.Of all the things Smallville have done (good and bad) the best one is the invention of the character of Chloe Sullivan and the fact they spent season 8 desecrating her character is one of the reasons I have had it with the show. Power Rangers Stories: Reunions and Closure, An Inquiring Mind. How Laurel met Clark(Arrow x-over): The prequel to my short story Last Minute Interventions on how Laurel Lance met Clark Kent.