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Longcase clocks are more commonly known in the US as tall case clocks.It is also called grandfather, grandmother and granddaughter clock which can be discerned by the difference in their sizes.Antique lantern clocks were not perfectly accurate; they commonly lose or gain about 10 to 15 minutes daily.A common feature of lantern clocks is its alarm function which is done and set by turning a small dial inside the main dial.The first mantle clocks were made in France, dating back around 1750 to 1760 developed from French Regency Bracket clocks.With this basis, old mantel clocks therefore look similar to bracket clocks but are generally smaller.French bracket clocks – called pendules religieuses.

The mass production of mantel clocks started in early 19th century by clockmaker Eli Terry.

Old clocks came in steady pace that created a wide variety of antique clock styles, types, and designs.

This is the oldest form of collectible clock you can find.

Antique clocks are one of the most widespread collectible items that even collectors of this age and era still sought after.

The passion for these antiques continues to dominate even with the rise of today’s mechanical and technological leaps that concerns clocks as well.It’s a commonplace to set mantle clocks on a mantelpiece, so they’re named, but you can also place them on a shelf and above the fireplace.