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“I have a body” is more common than “I am a body.” We speak of “my” legs as we speak of “my” clothes, and “I” seems to remain intact even if the legs are amputated.We say, “I speak, I walk, I think, and (even) I breathe.” But we do not say, “I shape my bones, I grow my nails, and I circulate my blood.” We seem to use “I” for something in the body but not really of the body, for much of what goes on in the body seems to happen to “I” in the same way as external events.The Book: On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are: The Self in Nature Most of us have the sensation that “I myself” is a separate center of feeling and action, living inside and bounded by the physical body — a center which “confronts” an “external” world of people and things, making contact through the senses with a universe both alien and strange. “I came into this world.” “You must face reality.” “The conquest of nature.” The first result of this illusion is that our attitude to the world “outside” us is largely hostile.We are forever “conquering” nature, space, mountains, deserts, bacteria, and insects instead of learning to cooperate with them in a harmonious order.

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For some cultures, it is in the region of the solar plexus.Birds are not better than the eggs from which they have broken.Indeed, it could be said that a bird is one egg’s way of becoming other eggs. The Game of Black and White The general habit of conscious attention is, in various ways, to ignore intervals. From the late fifties to early seventies, Alan Watts (1915-1973) introduced the West to Eastern philosophy, which in part fueled the spirit and imagination of the beat and countercultural movements.

In recent years, Watts’ lectures have reemerged on the Internet with the help of his fans and his son Mark Watts, and also the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who have animated this talk that has over 2 million views.We do not play the Game of Black-and-White — the universal game of up/down, on/off, solid/space, and each/all.