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06-Aug-2017 14:59

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In doing so, we used a method developed by Hitachi researchers to analyze automotive security.The method has become one of the standard methods in Japan used as a guideline.

Such intelligent vehicles are controlled by software, and a huge volume of software programs are being installed in them.I hear that, to address the issue, the manufacturer delivered media that contained software data updates to each user.In the face of such a risk, automobile software must be updated as quickly as possible to keep vehicles secure. You buy a smartphone and, after some time, you notice that certain functions have been added to it to allow you to do something new.If it takes a long time to update software while the engine is off, the battery may go dead.

Therefore, we have to shorten the time for updating software as much as possible to respond to a variety of use situations.

It is a technology to update software remotely through Over the Air (OTA) transmission.

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