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06-Aug-2017 05:53

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Digi Chat remained the webs best chat option for about 8 years.

But just as the case was for Omni-Chat, people began to figure out how to break the chat platform; this time with a higher degree of tech knowledge.

Seeing the success of apps like Snap Chat, Yahoo reworked and relaunched their Yahoo Messenger App at the end of 2016.

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In a funny twist of fate, once giants of the chat industry Yahoo and AOL have seen the success of mobile social networks like Snap Chat and Whats App and want back in! AOL has launched AOL Desktop which allows people to access their Chat Rooms once again and Yahoo has updated their messenger app after years of letting it languish.

We’ve been seeing the overwhelming presence of chat rooms pushed further and further into a cultural corner due largely to the changing needs of the mainstream, and new technologies honoring those needs and suggesting new ones in tandem.

All of that said, today’s online playground sees social networking megagiants like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter holding the most visible real estate, while traditional online chatrooms take a quiet space by the fringe.

AOL was the number one way people accessed the Internet in the early 90s.

With such a large and captive market its no wonder their chat rooms were the most popular.Just like that, the unassuming masses had the large majority of their chat options cut off completely.

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