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14-Sep-2017 15:48

That said, he does know exactly how to seem interested enough in you to get you in his bed for a couple of weeks.

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People should take their time in the selection because you just don’t know if the small pic you see will become your prince charming.Then later, a happy hour cocktail at Tsunami with a 40 something (she's paying).He’s not as cute in person, but he can carry a conversation (usually about himself).She's drinking Jameson slushies at Slider most Sunday afternoons.

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You'll have to hold her hair while she loses her dinner out of the passenger side window of your car at some point. He is looking for a woman willing to marry him, move to Germantown, and have children (at which point he becomes a full blown Todd and starts working for his dad). Her idea of a good dive bar is the Fox & the Hound or Brookhaven Pub. Not only are you excited, so is every other single woman in town. She seems aloof and a little weird until you actually get to talk to her.

However, you should also like to watch away games inside bars, wear primarily blue and gold, and find creative uses for Growl Towels.