Elaine dating keith hernendez

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Jerry suspects that his laundromat owner is a thief.George inadvertently gets a busboy fired in a restaurant.Jerry tracks down a hit-and-run driver and wants to date her.Later, he attempts to date another woman that he's always wanted to date. Kramer has convulsive reactions to Mary Hart's voice.The Seinfelds snub the Costanza's dinner invitation.Elaine's new boyfriend, a "close talker", becomes obsessed with Jerry's parents. Elaine's boss wants Elaine to buy him a special pencil. Jerry's grandmother reveals that Uncle Leo was supposed to give money to his sister years prior. Jerry plans to meet a super model at an airport club.Jerry's girlfriend poses as his wife, in order to get a dry cleaning discount. Jerry longs for his privacy, as his parents visit for several weeks.George schems to get out of the Big Brother program, to which he had signed up.

Jerry is soured on his current relationship due to the fact that she once dated Newman. George's father, Frank, is seen with a man wearing a cape. Elaine is barred from ordering from a Chinese restaurant. Jerry tries to validate that there are no homes for rent in Tuscany. Kramer wins a lawsuit and resultingly gets free coffee as compensation.Kramer poses for a painting done by Jerry's girlfriend. Elaine gets chastised for wearing an Oriole's baseball cap at Yankee Stadium.Jerry finds out that his girlfriend is a plagiarist.Elaine uses Kramer as her boyfriend, to end her relationship.

George goes directly to the NBC president to get their pilot reinstated.

Jerry and George get the go-ahead to produce a pilot, which simulates their lives. Geroge becomes obsessed with a white discoloration on his lip, and someone who steals a box of raisins.