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Some researchers showed this working on an older Macbook. In theory, the indicator light should be a hardware function. Control the light is one of those firmware functions.

When power is supplied to the sensor, it should also be supplied to an indicator light. Some, like Steve Jobs, might describe this as "hardware" control, because it resides wholly within the webcam hardware, but it's still a form of software.

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We can quickly make a binary edit to this routine, causing it to return immediately without turning on the light. First, the light turns on as normal, then he stops the webcam, replaces the DLLs with his modified ones, and then turns on the webcam again.

As the following video shows, after the change, the webcam is recording him recording the video, but the light is no longer on.

Therefore, there is the idea of "user-mode" drivers, where a non-administrator can nonetheless install drivers to access the USB device.

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The researchers in the paper above demonstrate this with a 2008 Mac Book, but in principle, it should work on modern Windows 7 notebook computers as well, using most devices.

The problem for a hacker is that they would have to build a hacked firmware for lots of different webcam chips.

This means most hardware will run under standard operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) without drivers from the manufacturer -- at least enough to get Skype working.