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To me Star Trek is only enjoyable and meaningful as long as it remains truthful to its foundations (see my above answer pertaining to "vs." discussions).I understand and support the desire to finally get gay characters on the show.It would be only fair after 40 years in which the existence of homosexuality was ignored in canon Star Trek.But fabricating a gay relationship of Kirk and Spock ("K/S") or other established crew members in fan fiction is utterly out of character.Finally, the fact that several MACOs (not "Marines") board Enterprise in "The Expanse" doesn't change my opinion. While it is already hard to apply the rules of real-world physics to either of them, the two pieces of fiction are absolutely irreconcilable with each other.On the contrary, Archer too says that Starfleet is not supposed to be primarily military. You are free to create cross-over fan fiction, but don't expect it to make any sense, much less expect to find any "proof" why your ship should be superior to one of a different universe.Based on this evidence it would be far-fetched to conclude that the ground troops must be called "Marines".Why not "Federation Army" or simply "Starfleet Ground Troops"?

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You will receive no support whatsoever from me in such an attempt.But I don't mind if you call yourself or me a "Trekkie".

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