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18-Nov-2017 17:43

I'd stay away from her, unless you come from that background of being lower middle class and you're into that type of girl.

Don't take this personally, but I've never met a smart person who has a background like that.

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I have been talking to a few girls online, I thought as most conversations run dry and you realise there isnt an awful lot you both have in common you never meet you talk to any people who would be likely to perhaps have a long term prospect to meeting up and dating.

If you had a crush on someone and they had to tell you they were not interested, how would you like to be told?

There is your answer.thank you brown eyed woman that helps. I'm just friendly I guess from their side of things perhaps they havent had a lot of attention and perhaps I should not have given it in the first place but that feels to say limit yourself to talking to one girl is a statistical impossibility specialy considering I work in the health service and the balance of women to men is 80% women 20% men.

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But instead of reflection and introspection, she lashes out at others to find blame or simply distracts herself with sex and alcohol. Can I really help this girl without getting hurt myself. She has a DWI and a child from a previous relationship whom she does not have custody and there was no marriage.

We guys and 'smart' girls know these guys are like that for only one reason.