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See also Anti-Hero and Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Compare Affably Evil where a villain instead of a hero has these personality traits.May result in the villain calling out a Not So Different speech when lampshaded.It is through gainful employment that woman has traveled most of the distance that separated her from the male, and nothing else can guarantee her liberty in practice.I once heard a maidservant declare, while cleaning the stone floor of a hotel lobby, “I never asked anybody for anything; I succeeded all by myself.” She was as proud of her self-sufficiency as a Rockefeller, Ford or Birla.Even so, this trope will most likely lead to him being just as bad as the villain if taken too far.This isn't an unusual trait of the Technical Pacifist. If the character is a Jerkass rather than a Nice Guy, then they fall under Good Is Not Nice.Their jobs at the factory do not relieve them of housekeeping burdens; they get from neither society nor their husbands, the assistance they need to become in concrete fact the equals of men.

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Maybe The Hero knows that the criminal will break out of the Cardboard Prison.

When the iceberg turns upside done, it appears green through the visual mix of yellow with the blue from below.

In its simple form, science has helped man to protect himself from Nature and to overcome natural obstacles to movement.

A recent study of women workers in a car factory shows that they would prefer to stay in the home rather than work in the factory.

The majority of women do not escape from the traditional feminine world.

Also can tie into It Gets Easier if the character is enough of an experienced killer that they are able to get on with a relatively normal life after they've pulled the trigger.

Adjoining the museum is Club Cola, a banquet hall that can be rented out for parties with all the bottled soda you can drink.… continue reading »

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Oregon State is not only committed to preventing all forms of sexual violence and providing a safe campus atmosphere but also fosters a compassionate response to those who have experienced this type of violence, according to Judy Neighbours, associate director of the Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center (SARC) at Oregon State.… continue reading »

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