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I am a bit sad that I did not get to see her perform one more time before she left, but I suppose three times and meeting her Twice is good enough for me.

Maybe our paths will cross in the future, who knows really. Her body guards aren’t too nice but when she comes out she is sweet as pie and so much fun to be around.

It shows the passion and love the cast member has for their job. She told us about the cast and how much fun they have.

It also shows the most important thing about theatre…Your Cast and Crew becomes your family and your best friends. You combine to create this form of live art that causes audiences to feel something they might not feel while watching tv or a movie. Laura Bell Bundy and our Broadway Diva Paul Canaan will be touring the country doing workshops in schools. I actually was able to talk with her a little about it the second time I met her.

I also liked all my stars who were there supporting each other. seeing the casts of Rent Old and New there to see the show’s final TONY appearance (until maybe a revival *that kinda scares me*). While Xanadu walked away empty handed, I must say that I knew it was going to happen, even though I cheered for them. ~~~~~ We are still searching for the next Elle Woods. The one EVERYONE and I mean that EVERYONE wanted to go home tonight (Cassie S.) Is still there. I know that Bernie Tesley has everything under control, but you have to ask yourself; “What are the judges looking for? The Paul Canaan quote of the night is “That’s a HIT!

Having Anthony Rapp introduce it was perfect and the Original Casts word’s were beautiful * I cried a bit*. *hit said in a high pitch voice and a knee slap*” I really love him because he’s great. I hate when they try to pick broadway stars from reality shows. But I am watching this because I love the show and I really need to see who is replacing Laura Bell, because she has BIG shoes to fill. It’s like the only thing we can bond with because she’s not a big broadway fan, but I took her to see this show for her christmas gift and well we fell in love.

[ELLE] He kissed me, he fired me There's no reason for me to stay [EMMETT] What about love?

I don’t know what the mood was like last night as Laura Bell Bundy hit her final note as Elle Woods in the Musical Legally Blonde, but I can guess that she got a standing ovation as well as tears from the cast members, production team, and audience members. A little after last night, Laura Bell Bundy took her final curtain call at the Palace Theatre.

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See more » This is a high energy musical with a genuine feel good factor to it.

Here you'll become what you're supposed to be You think you can't, but you can Think of the guy you want most to be Here's your chance to make it So take it like a man [EMMETT] What does she want?

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