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29-Sep-2017 06:06

While only 6% of parliamentary seats are held by women, the Queen of Jordan has used her position and subsequent power to actively support the women's rights.

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Women in Jordan, however, did not receive the right to vote until 1974.

This was fairly late for the region, as Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Turkey and Iran had all granted women suffrage by 1967.

Throughout history, women in Jordan's political, social and economic status has varied based on the legal, traditional, cultural and religious values at the time.

The current legal framework which is based on European civil code is coupled with Islamic tradition and Shari'a Law has determined the rights and liberties legally granted to women while traditional ideas about masculinity and femininity seem to determine women's access to education, the workplace and the general public sphere.With a female literacy rate of 85.9%, Jordan has the highest female literacy rate in the Middle East.