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Or rather it is, but it isn't intended that way, or at least not 'just' that way. I'd like to explore some along the way, delve into some deep issues with sexuality along the way. Oh screw it we're alone, Emily." he started once he was able to stop laughing, "This whole thing started this morning, and maybe we don't need to worry. I don't want you to be trapped in a body you don't want, but I also don't want you to be traumatized in order to get back." "We'll figure something out Em. "Well, first of all, I wanted to assure you that mom at least, I'm pretty sure will not be freaked out by you being a lesbian." "While I hope that's true, why would you think that? Now that I can see for myself, I have to say that I agree." "Ah... It was a decidedly odd feeling as a woman, to be feeling an erection starting, and it caused her to squirm a bit, though luckily he didn't seem to notice. "Em, I've recently been told by Susan that while humorous, my jaw hanging off the floor isn't a good look for me. I'm listening." She could see that he was trying to think of how to start, so she sat quietly waiting, feeling her cock start to stiffen again while she gazed at him. Let us just say that mom might have a bit of a bi-curious side herself." "What! " "Oh, maybe because she kind of felt me up in the shower." She knew her jaw was hanging open, but she didn't know how to get it closed again. I've been stupid in more ways than one today." "Oh dear. All of the sudden, the only guy that excited me, but that I couldn't have because he's my brother, suddenly he was kissing me... I felt crazy to be having those feelings for my brother, but also some hope that I could be normal after all." "Oh Em... "God I'm sorry Emily, I want to kiss you I do, but the feel of your stubble... Or at least a guys body." She had been afraid of this.

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She bucked and twitched under him like a wild thing as her orgasm took her full force. After that, I think I owe you a months worth of waking up to a blowjob.

I'm looking at you walking around in my body today, and damn this must make me some kind of vane... " He gave her a squeeze that just felt so damn good. sorry, I guess you don't want to hear that." "No, it's nice. you know, it was me in my body." "Em, I feel like such a fool now, trying to kiss you back in Quebec." She looked at him, and could see that he was trying to put up a brave face for her, but she knew how he felt about her.

You are normal, whether you like guys, or you like girls, or even better if you like both... Not so much about this kiss, but what she thought had to happen in order to switch back.

Poor Evan, trapped in my body, about to start his period, and who knows what else. I still can't get over how scandalous and exhilarating that was, wandering around outside without a top on.' Over the next few hours though, Emily was frustrated by not getting a chance to talk to Evan.

The chores just kept coming, right up until dinner, and it wasn't as though she could talk to him over dinner either. If she asks again, and doesn't seem to want to let it go...

The sensation was so strong that he felt himself surging to the point of no return.