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It is by itself both one of the main space safety issue and one of the main current space challenge. Kessler from NASA, 15 years ago, published some remarks and calculations that predicted that not only the situation will become of course worse but would moreover worsen and worsen still.

Those ideas, now know as the Kessler Syndrome, were not taken very seriously at first but by the time they are now considered as meaningful.

We place in the same unappropriated way the idea to create space Clouds in order to create BIG DATA security storage around the Earth.,in order to save data from Agencies, Governments industries, banking and Research matters… At scientific level, some points are to be resolved seriously, mainly the risk of insecure communications between several satellites and the risk of satellites being hacked.

Several methods in order to remove(de-orbiting) the satellites have been studied without taken in consideration that these satellites were not responding to communications from the “rescue” engine set by the Earth, and the rescue engine have to do the job without any help from the target(space debris or antenna or satellite body).

Water should be considered as a molecule with very special and interesting thermodynamic and quantum properties. REFINING ON ASTEROIDS patents 2006-2016 USPTO/PCT Phase The method of refining(on place) by plasma methods and isotopic separations and selections is the only one applicable on asteroids.

Thermodynamic studies associated with Magneto Hydro Dynamic MHD conditions allow, depending on the magnetic susceptibilities and Curie points, to select the best catalytic species(included Ln3 ) in order to seed the plasma including to regulate the plasma LTE and PLTE zones. The deep space conditions in which asteroids are found are fully adapted to isotopic separations.

An other sometimes proposed solution: if the satellite is equipped with final motor embarked for re-entry, the proposed solution is not to burn the satellite in the Earth atmosphere, but only that they be placed at cemetery orbit, for us, this is not a solution to increase each five years the number of invalid satellites to the spatial graveyard, the risk would be increased with exponential progression, we would have then to do with a much worsen KESSLER syndrome.

These facts are scientifically demonstrated by experts.

In order to capture the debris or retired satellites and antennas , several methods have been proposed to agencies but none is scientifically acceptable without high risk for the cloud of existing or secret satellites and for the Planet.