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You’ll have the algebra you need for college admission, and be on a fast track to career success.

Geometry – 1206310 – 1.0 credit Geometry is everywhere, not just in pyramids.

The selection of literature ranges from fiction and poetry to speeches, sermons, letters, and journals.

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Modules 1-5 cover the requirements for Keyboarding and Business Skills while Modules 6-9 satisfy the requirements for Computer and Business Skills.

Language Arts English I – 1001310 – 1.0 credit The purpose of this course is to give you the tools to see and hear with real understanding, and to communicate with real conviction.

Great books, short stories, poems and plays convey messages and feelings that make them great.

Health Life Management Skills – 0800300 – 0.5 credit This course is about building decision-making skills and choosing a healthier lifestyle.

Students will work their way through “signposts” in order to determine their direction in life and the consequences they may face.Assignments challenge students to demonstrate their knowledge of literature and language.