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24-Jun-2017 14:31

I moaned once more and slid my hand down his shorts. I pulled his face to mine and his tongue went deeply into my mouth while his strong black hands roamed my body.

He unbuttoned the last few buttons on my blouse and pulled it off my shoulders.

I was physically attracted to his body I found, especially in the margarita – induced state that made me slightly drunk and definitely horny.

I was planning on a quiet masturbation session later that night when I went to bed. His shoulders and chest were well developed and his stomach taut.

She teased me about John, telling me that he was mine for the taking.

I smiled and went back to the deck with snacks and drinks on a tray.

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I had that rare combination of technical skills but also the ability to communicate unlike some of my fellow workers.I could feel a slight increase in my heart rate and tingling between my legs as my nipples hardened under the bikini top.