Who is marshall mathers dating now

19-Nov-2017 11:34

Despite being a poor student, Eminem always had a deep affinity for language, devouring comic books and even studying the dictionary.

"I found that no matter how bad I was at school, like, and no matter how low my grades might have been at some times, I always was good at English ...

I just felt like I wanna be able to have all of these words at my disposal, in my vocabulary at all times whenever I need to pull 'em out.

You know, somewhere, they'll be stored, like, locked away." As a teenage dropout, Eminem found a way to express his passion for language, as well as to release his youthful anger, through the emerging musical genre of hip-hop.

His songs vary from manically funny ("The Real Slim Shady") to heartbreakingly poignant ("Stan") to explosively violent ("Kim") to disarmingly self-critical ("The Way I Am").

also came under a firestorm of criticism for its excessive profanity, glorification of drugs and violence and its apparent homophobia and misogyny.

Eminem is doubtlessly one of the most acclaimed rappers in the genre's brief history.

As much as any other individual artist, he is responsible for rap's transformation into a mainstream music genre over the past decade.

struck a somewhat gentler and more inspirational tone than his previous music.

Marshall and Kim Mathers married later that same year., in May 2000.

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