Intj and intp dating

04-Oct-2017 05:13

Eventually INFPs let go of whatever is taking so much energy. INFPs love experiences especially new ones in areas we enjoy. INFPs will try to compel order onto things of little consequence. INFPs ignoring important relationships is the biggest sign of trouble.

If she was the one, shouldn’t this entire process be natural and I shouldn’t be obsessing?We turn down new experiences we love because our brain is too busy to enjoy the new experience. The Solution: The only way INFPs can break out of the over-thinking/OCD cycle is to make a decision.If we try something new when were in an over-thinking phase, we’ll miss out because we’re only partly present. We need our Fi to kick in to determine if something feels right or wrong. Do the laundry, wash the dishes, take over the trivial or better yet get them done when we’re not looking. You bring perspective by living your life not ours.Was that an I-think-you’re-cool-smile or was that an I-wish-you-would-ask-me-out smile?

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What action I took depended on how I interpreted body language, word choice and all the minute details of my interactions.I would be obsessive about washing dishes or putting books a certain way. Instead INFPs hold onto this Ideal destination whether it’s the perfect person or the perfect job or the perfect life.

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