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15-Nov-2017 16:47

So we sat through heartbreaking stories of terrified abused women. Also, Phaedra brought in some paperwork she claimed proved her divorce was final.

Then Sheree got up there looking like a fool while perjuring herself and the order was denied. She said Carlos told her all the stuff about the sex dungeon and “Marvin.” If you are like me, at this point in the story you are thinking, “Wouldn’t Phaedra know more of Kandi’s personal information that Carlos King? So Carlos was behind the entire storyline against Kandi. But I am sure that Phaedra was more than willing to take that storyline and run with it. If you recall, Phaedra tried to file for divorce using fake names. Not nearly as dramatic as what y’all are emailing me about.

I did ask about Matt claiming he was deprived of a K payout for not being on the reunion in his rant yesterday.

I was told Matt was never paid for any appearance on RHOA reunion or otherwise. That was actually the most interesting thing I found out. Next, I thought maybe it was Sheree‘s domestic violence with Bob that got really deep and that is what shook Andy. One thing you can't stop & that's my Blessings.

From Lenny Letter At a party in 1960, Helene Dorn and Hettie Jones met, and a friendship was born.

Their initial connection was through their husbands, the poets Edward Dorn and Le Roi Jones, who later changed his name to Amiri Baraka.

Here is what the 30-year-old actor told the mag: On his love for director Luca Guadagnino: “I probably fell in love with Luca the same way Elio fell in love with [my character] Oliver.

Apparently, Andy saw Phaedra for who she is last night. She apparently broke down in hysterics when she outed Phaedra as the source of everything. When Porsha was on WWHL she was asked by a caller why she didn’t roll over on Phaedra IN FRONT OF ANDY. I am reporting what I was told by a source who was there. As soon as Porsha rolled on Phaedra, Porsha was more or less forgotten about and Phaedra was raked over the coals. This reminded me of when Sheree tried to get a restraining order on me. When you go to court for a restraining order there are a lot of other people there being heard for the same thing. This time he finally went hard on Phaedra and told her she knew exactly what she was doing when she feed dumb old Porsha the information. They also provide documentation of everything from the 1989 march on Washington for abortion rights to the days following 9/11.

Hettie and Helene cheer each other on through sickness and eviction, offering endless encouragement to keep creating - Hettie's writing, and Helene's visual art.They even made me pick up the phone and call a few people, and y’all know I’d rather eat glass than talk on the phone. 🙂 It’s too early for Merlot plus I am doing a detox during this Lentil season to atone for all deaths I caused and cancer I inflicted on people with my powerful mind. So there I was sober, in the light of day, talking to sources, because there was some DRAMA at the RHOA reunion yesterday. First and foremost, as a Kenya fan, I was worried that Matt crashed the reunion. It doesn’t even sound like he was mentioned much at all.