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Ms Melotti, who is known for her inspiring Quest for Beauty project and stunning photographs, also has a successful travel-focused personal Instagram account.And while this account was originally created simply to boost her profile and raise awareness for her project, she eventually found herself wrapped up in the competitive Instagram community.'I know I'm a huge hypocrite.You keep your list of all the other people posting in hand, go on Instagram, and once 2pm hits you start commenting like a maniac!This way, most of the time, your pictures will end up in the explorer page and it will get thousands of likes. Ms Melotti said when she found out about this final tactic, 'something broke in me'.'I can't believe this is what it has come down to.I owe you that, because if I get to live the life I live today, if I get to do what I love the most—which is traveling, writing and making art—it's also thanks to you guys!'The 'dark side' of Instagram started to rise when users started to see it as more of an advertising outlet than a creative platform; people were switching off their televisions to flick through their feed instead.This started happening when Instagram changed their algorithm.

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And while most users are aware that the photos are not always an accurate reflection of real life, few know just how far some of their favourite accounts are going in order to find 'Insta-fame' and make money.'Some of them are not happy that I have revealed all of this but that's just because they are guilty of it themselves and are scared it will impact their success.'At the end of the day, people need to realise that many of these accounts, including my own most of the time, represent ideas and a lifestyle that doesn't exist.

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