Goranga dating system ii

07-Aug-2017 04:21

Appellant also led to the recovery of his shirt and trouser wrapped in a newspaper from his house pursuant to a disclosure statement. The medical witness found that the hymen of the deceased showed fresh tear at 4,5, and 7 O'clock position with evidence of fresh blood in the margins.

At the trial the appellant pleaded innocence and alleged false implication 'due to quarrel with PW 4 over his transfer'. He also found presence of blood stains on the vagina and matter pubic hair of the deceased.

The appellant on inquiry by PW 6 as to why he had not obeyed the transfer order told him that due to some personal difficulty he could not report for duty at Paras Apartment. On reaching her flat she rang the bell repeatedly but there was no response and no-body opened the door, She raised alarm which attracted several of her neighbours.

He was advised to take charge at Paras Apartment without fail the next day. They also rang the bell and knocked at the door but there was no response.

The deceased returned to her flat after taking her examination at at about 1 p.m.The supervisor Pratap Chandra PW 6 asked Dasarath PW 7 to call the appellant and since, he was not able to contact him through the intercom, there being no response from flat No.

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