Nitotv not updating

07-Jul-2017 01:59

Kodi has three dependencies that it installs along with itself when you first install Kodi (xbmc-seatbeltunlock, gawk, bsdiff).

follow the easy instructions on how to JB your ATV2.

On top of that, this “solution” didn’t work on tv OS 10, even when deleting the *.cstore file from its new random location.

This meant I needed to find a solution to that problem as well, because how else are we going to run nito TV from /Applications (a necessity) If we cant get it to display?

Keeping it simple, Untethered means if your device loses power it will restart no problem when the power comes back on.It was “good enough” for the limited amount of people that use the 9.x jailbreak, now that this one will hit a much larger audience we need to do things right.I haven’t just been in a holding pattern waiting for @jaywalker, i still needed to find a better way to get applications to load from /Applications in tv OS 9 and 10 alike.Tethered jailbreaks require you to hook your ATV2 back up to your computer when the power goes out in order to start it up.

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When Apple updates the ATV2 sometimes the untethered method (which is better of course) doesn't work so you have to wait for the amazing jail breakers to come up with a solution.

Nito simply gives a GUI for those command line instructions, so it should work, but Team Kodi has no control over those installers and cannot update them or see any errors from them, or anything like that.