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14-Oct-2017 16:10

Soon she understands that he doesn’t have enough confidence in selling condoms, so she decides to help him out and give him a lesson in boosting it.

The screen shot taken from FULL MOVIE Her assistant Jools strips him naked while Renee asks him to recite selling points.

The screen shot taken from FULL MOVIE Jody tries to stop five naughty girls, but they soon strip him off and giggle at the sight of his cock.

All five decide to take turns in jerking him off while Tammi is curious to see what will happen when she reveal her beautiful breasts.

Being dominated by a horny female is something every man looks forward to experience at least once in their lifetime.

Jason’s girlfriend is out from the country on a studying trip, so when he gets horny he rings her up and they both have phone sex.

Furious female boss Renee is unsatisfied with performance of one of her salesmen, Phil.

She calls him into Pure Cfnm office and starts talking to him.

Employee Peter is staring his first work day at Pure Cfnm when he gets called by his new boss Renee into her office.

He walks in to see her giving a good spank to one of the salesgirls he met earlier for mistakes in contract which makes him laugh.

However, Renee is furious he finds mistakes funny and before Peter knows it he is the one who gets bent over the desk and spanked.

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