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The trooper did it in five and the twenty five minute drive it would have taken me to do at the speed limit took him fifteen. All I could do was speculate on what had happened and how badly was Renee hurt. Both of them are dead, him almost instantly and Renee not five minutes before you got here! "You'll have to ask the nurses or doctor if you can see her." I went to the registration desk, told the lady there who and why I was there, and asked if I could see Renee.

As soon as the trooper opened the back door for me, I was running into the ER of my local hospital. " Those were the first questions that came to me as the four of us hugged each other there in the corner. She stepped away from me as she called someone and had a brief conversation with them.

Again I'm sorry for your loss." It was another fifteen minute wait before a nurse came and got me.

I couldn't spend another moment with the shell that once held the spirit of my beloved wife."I don't have any information on her condition, sir.I was instructed to get you to Green County Memorial Hospital as quickly as possible." The conversation above took place as we sped along the city streets of the town the construction site was in with the siren blasting.I knew that Renee was gone before I even ran over to them. Renee's family, who had become mine from the marriage vows Renee and I had exchanged, gathered round me. After the nurses have finished cleaning her body, one of them will let you see the body for five minutes alone.

My mind was blank and my body numb as I sat waiting for someone to try and explain to me how the love of my life and soul mate for the last twenty two years had been taken from me. Only you and immediate family will be allowed to see the body.

I took the minutes alone to call the funeral home that Doris's nephew owned and began the process that would end in the cremation of Renee's body.

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(February 27 to April 1, 2001) She played That Woman in Melanie Marnich's play, "Quake," in a Humana Festival production at the Actors Theatre of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky with Tracey Maloney (Lucy); David New (Guy/Jock/Roger/Angel Bruce); David Wilson Barnes (Brian/Cooper Trooper/Auto Repair Man); Allison Briner (Dr. … continue reading »

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“Anthony Weiner like a true sex predator promised Anonymous many things like a job at Politico and a condo in Chicago (a place they could meet up and have sex).… continue reading »

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