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Finally Chuck had to go so I backed out to the front page. One of her hands is flat on dads thigh, probably touching the fabric of his suit. Mom was giggling and I couldnt hear what dad was saying. I didnt hear them come up stairs and I could see that there was still a light on in the living room.

The more I looked at the picture, the more I became convinced that he had a hard-on his dick and moms arm was covering the head. I could hear moans, groans and more moans and mom was still giggling sometimes.

Then I heard him give like a muffled shout and he jammed his dick into her even harder. I had never seen anything like that before, and that, after the night on the chat room! I went back to my room and quietly got back on to my bed.

Theres an a/c vent right outside my room and I could feel the cool aire.

They were both fully naked and mom was bent over the couch while dad slipped his hard cock in and out of her pussy from behind.

I could see his shiny cock as it slid in and out of her in long slow strokes.

He reached around her and fingered her nipples, driving her crazy.

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Im 55" tall, 105 lbs., with long auburn hair, light olive complexion and green eyes. Im a freshman in high school and I am proud to say that I am a substitute on the girls varsity volleyball team. Mom is 35 56", 125 lbs, reddish brown shoulder length hair, fair complexion, blue eyes very pretty with long legs that dad likes her to show off in short skirts. Dad is 510", 185, former football player, medium olive complected, with brown hair and eyes. I have a 16 year old sister, Amber, who is like a total slut.

A little while later, I heard my parents come upstairs.

Mom was still giggly and I heard her shushing my dad so he wouldnt wake me. My naked parents were in my room looking at my naked body.

Everything was a rerun and I didnt feel like watching any of our videos or DVDs, so I decided to hit the keyboard.

The computer in my room is like totally retarded with a small monitor so I decided to use the one in dads home office.

At night she usually walks around in a t-shirt that barely covers her pussy and sometimes it doesnt cover that either. He even bought her a tiny thong bikini, and I do mean tiny, to use in the backyard. Dad has a racy nude picture of mom as a screensaver on his computer at home and one of her in that skimpy thong on the computer in his office at work. I do like short shorts, but not the ones like mom and Amber wear where the bare lips of your puss show when you sit down.

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