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She is also Ralph's prom date in "Graduation: Part 1" later in the season.

She would return in the fifth season as Richie's steady girlfriend (and later his fiance and wife) Lori Beth.

Note: After Richie misses what would have been the game-winning free throw shot, Howard consoles him and delivers the closing line of the episode to Richie: "Here, have a Life Saver.

It'll make you feel better," a nod to the Life Savers commercials that aired during the 1970s.

After Richie refuses Fonzie's request that he not mention it in the report, the two fall out and stop talking to each other.

By the episode's end, Fonzie conquers his fear by successfully eating a plate of liver.

When Joanie is cut from the cheerleading squad, she persuades Fonzie to help her retailiate by being her partner in a dance marathon to win a bet with Jill (Charlene Tilton), the head cheerleader and Joanie's rival who bumped her from the squad.Richie, Potsie, and Ralph are designing a time capsule for a project, and put it in a vault at Howard's hardware store.