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Online roulette is a popular and exciting casino game played with a spinning wheel.

In those times, Greek soldiers spun their shields on a metal point and Roman soldiers spun their chariot wheels in gambling games.

A more modern game, which it is believed roulette originated from was called Hoca and was played in 17th century Italy.

Players bet on a letter and a ball was released in the centre of the table until it came to rest on one of the letters.

The variation that we know as French roulette was already played in the late 18th century and the unique characteristics of the variation have not changed from what we play as French roulette today.

Since that time, new variations have been released and the game has grown in popularity as it has become more accessible to more people around the world.

Online roulette is a game of chance; however understanding the various odds related to the game can help you make an informed decision about how best to play.

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Playing online roulette also gives you access to live roulette games which allow you to combine the comfort and convenience of online play with the thrill of live dealer games, through the use of webcam technology that shows the croupier in action in real time.Roulette has a long history, dating back at least to the 17th century.