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I flip the sign to open as I unlock the door and look up yo see the first customer.

He looks beyond handsome with a cute bun look face.

One of my friends, Kasey, runs up to me with a snow cone with the straws with scoops at the bottom, “I thought you’d want a treat for working so hard.”.“You know I’m not working that hard,” I tell her well holding in my laughter.“Oh is that true then I guess I’ll just wake that slushie from you.”I hold it away, “I was saying I’m not working that hard at the moment today.

I seem to be stuck.”I look up at an apartment window to notice a cute looking boy.

I thought he was hurt so I quickly ran over to him.“Anno… ”I patted his shoulder and I heard him mumble something.

I reached over and touched his wrist to figure out that he was just asleep.

I walk down the street to get to Sara’s house but then I see that I’m running late Niel- To Get a Date Your POVI’m in the park like every day painting today is with watercolors and a new brush.I try all kind of polite ways to wake the guy up, but it doesn’t work in the end I give up and I kick him in the shin. He po My Everything- Henry Lau I remember when i first met her.