Josh farro and hayley williams admit to dating

12-Aug-2017 15:03

I just believe there are healthier ways to prove your worth.

Live your life for you and prove you are a better person by being a good person.

This song really makes me feel like I am not the only one in ht eworld who feels the same way.

It is about a domineering, preppy girl, who thinks that she rules the school.

:( x I sighed, I thought I could try and dodge this day.. um sorry I didn't dress up, its a long story.." I said, putting my head down"Its ok, I'm just happy your here! I looked up and Zac was there, I opened the door and he immediatley pulled me into a hug,"I GOT NEWS FOR YOU HAYLS! I had to break up with him, because honestly, Josh.. We all went back to the tour bus and Zac insisted on putting the Dv D on. I'm never letting you go EVER again" He said hugging me."I love you too Josh..";the worst day of my life, just turned into the best.

back last october i was in a relationship with this one girl, whom i guess you could consider a prep just like the girl in the song.I usually love Paramore - but this song stings to my core. I fought for my marriage and asked this girl to let my husband and I try to work things out....I just heard this song and I had to google the lyrics to make sure I was understanding what I thought I heard. Because, we all know if he cheats WITH you, he'll cheat ON you! I even told her if it didn't work that I would gladly bow out and she could have him. I'm actually doing really well on my own and really happy with my life (without him) but my little boy is confused and scared by the changes in his world.Now she had him and was not letting go and the "other girl" wanted him back and was heated at the fact that she mess it up for her. She tries to prove it by stealing someone else's boyfriend and pretending that she's having his kid.

It's not his child and she leaves him, she still likes him and wants him back, but she's ashamed of herself.anyway whenever i mentioned other girls i'd always have to tell her "don't worry, she and i are just friends. Since "the girl" in the video shoved a group of cheereleaders, I'd hazard that she's NOT a prep...

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