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24-Sep-2017 13:57

Honestly, I don’t know the answers to these questions, but would like to.

As for who the question of “who is hurt by Irish drinking”, modern times seem to offer a few clues.

Since I moved to Dublin, I’ve found it interesting that young people seem to be the most concerned about drunk driving.

I think the public awareness ad campaigns have pretty well done their job on that score.

But I’m genuinely curious to know more about the history of drinking in Ireland. Does it have roots in colonialism, and religion (as these are huge parts of the Irish psyche and identity in and of themselves)?

I know I can count on my readers to help set the record straight.

Further proof of Ireland’s aging alcohol problem can be found in the recent epidemic of depression in seniors who now feel trapped at home by the drunk driving laws, and have lost all sense of community.

All of this is to say that Ireland’s drinking problem is nothing new, and is clearly an accepted (and somewhat tolerated) part of the Irish psyche.

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It’s also known that early monasteries had very active breweries.

Dublin is a a place of whimsy, imagination and enormous fun, while Belfast has been riding a wave of optimism ever since the late Nineties.

Subbaswamy announced a new task force to address the important issues in the “Safe at Work” campaign ...… continue reading »

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