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Some of these seemed to follow to their own logic: Jay-Z moved from the cutting, cooled-out throwback "Where I'm From" to the quiet, reflective new track "Marcy Me" to the bright pianos and battering-ram hook of "Empire State of Mind" – three dissimilar songs united by their focus on New York City.Frank Ocean's recorded vocals served as the common thread between new track "Caught Their Eyes" and "No Church in the Wild," which appeared on Watch the Throne, Jay-Z's 2011 collaborative album with Kanye West.But as these examples make clear, the message never rises above the trivial (except perhaps once, inadvertently, where America's Little Yankee Miss 2003 is shown opposite Anna Nicole Smith...).The second half of the book is dedicated to other series.For those who look beyond the headlines, he's a highly accomplished and ever-evolving photographic artist showing us the ordinary in extraordinary ways.With his post-Piss Christ series, Nomads, he made studio portraits of New York's ethnic homeless and juxtaposed them with members of the Ku Klux Klan.

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But whatever your respons, this book does represent a body of work that has an accepted place in modern photography and deserves to be seen.Serrano could not have wished for a more lavishly produced volume. You should he is one of this country's most surveyed modern artists, responsible for such controversies as "Piss Christ", and for a modern movement of controversial art.

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