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Badger biography As Peter BANKS was ousted from YES to make place for Steve HOWE, Tony KAYE managed to produce his best effort yet in their following album the YES album but also got the boot to be replaced by Rick WAKEMAN.As a natural reflex, KAYE and BANKS regrouped and founded FLASH that would record three albums.For anyone who's looking to get rid of this 'Shadow' man or demon, turn to Jesus.And stand with no fear because no one can hurt you if you have faith in Jesus.(Sense this is an OLDER experience) Ronin Deterra, How, pray tell, does one 'stab or slash' an entity that has no physical form?I thank god and Jesus she didn't think I was crazy.While I was shaking and explaining to her the things that were happening I happened to look in my kitchen and there standing was a shadow demon.

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BADGER recorded their first album live (probably cheaper way to make an album) and developed an energetic prog reminding us of YES along with the obligatory Roger Dean art cover.

Or have you been 'cutting' your friends/family members to 'drive' the demon out?