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After all, "they've generally had centuries to practice," says author Charlaine Harris. "And vampires never worry about Social Security or knee replacements.

Plus, her bloodsuckers are out, proud, and mainstreaming with humans due to a blood substitute they can buy at the corner store. That's almost irresistible to us."While she has creative license to take her vampires any place she wants, she admits that there is a little pressure to keep at least some of them sexy, rather than portraying them solely as killing machines.

But the current vampire obsession isn't all about the fangs.

It may be an excellent balm for bigger issues, says Donovan Gwinner, assistant professor of English at Aurora University. Vampires in Literature, Film and Popular Culture," students were required to read several vampire-related books, including Stoker's and popular literature by Rice, Harris, and Stephenie Meyer.

"We talked a lot about how things suck," jokes Gwinner.

"But in times of economic contraction, fear of job loss, and war, the vampire myth really speaks to people.

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In his paper "Vampires and Those Who Slay Them," published in the journal -verse, for example, speaks to key developmental challenges of adolescents, some of which even many adults have never quite mastered.She had to cut a scene from a book in which Sookie Stackhouse, the intrepid telepathic waitress, used a calculator to try to determine the number of people her vamp lover, Bill, had killed before he "mainstreamed" with humans.